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There Is No Reason To Be Scared: Here’s How You Can Learn About Investing Easily

If you are even slightly serious about attaining financial independence (which I hope you are!), you must learn how to invest money. There is no way around it. Work alone isn’t going to cut it. You need to leverage the [...]

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HELP! I Have Achieved Financial Independence…What Should I Do Now With My Life?

After years of working hard, tracking your expenses, saving and investing money, you have finally met your financial goals: You have socked enough money away so that you can live off of your investments. You create enough passive income from [...]

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4 Things You Need To Do To Prepare Your Portfolio For A U.S. Recession In 2019

The stock market has been in for a wild ride in the last couple of months. In 2018, the S&P 500, a major U.S. stock market index, lost 6 percent, which makes last year the worst year for stock investors [...]

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How To Retire From The Corporate Rat Race In 6 Months Or Less

You know the worst thing about the daily 9-to-5 grind? The feeling of hopelessness that you deal with in the morning as you get ready to go to work. That was always the worst part for me! Believe it or [...]

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Why You Should Save At Least 10 Percent Of Your Income

People really aren’t that good when it comes to saving money, it seems. A CNBC piece from earlier this year highlighted that a lot of people are utterly unprepared to deal with $400 in emergency expenses. CNBC itself cited the [...]

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So You Want To Start Investing In Stocks…Here Are 4 Things To Keep In Mind!

O.K., you are ready to start investing your hard-earned money into stocks. Congratulations. That’s great! If you haven’t invested money into stocks yet, no worries. You are about to step into a whole new world that is as fascinating as [...]

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Why You Should Develop Multiple Passive Income Streams

Passive income is income that you generate without working for it. Think dividend income or income from one of your rental properties. The difference between active income and passive income is that passive income doesn’t require you to invest time [...]

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10 Side Hustles For 2019: 10 Income Ideas You May Want To Explore

It’s a great time to start a side hustle: The internet has never in its existence offered you more opportunities to make money online from the comfort of your home. You can easily start an online business, market your skills [...]

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