Financial Independence 101: 5 Easy Ways to Save A Ton of Money Instantly

I am super passionate about helping people to save more money. This is because saving money has changed my life dramatically, and saving money is waaaaay underrated in our materialistic and spending-obsessed society. Frankly, I never understood how people can [...]

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How Much Money Do You Need To Retire Early and Drop Out Of The Rat Race?

That is the million dollar question right there. Of course, as a prudent financial consultant I can give you only rough guidelines as personal circumstances differ tremendously. How much money you need depends on a whole range of factors that [...]

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Should You Spend $5 On Your Daily Caffè Latte Or Better Save The Money?

There is a passionate discussion about this topic going on in the personal finance community and among bloggers. The central question is: “Should you save the $5 you spend every day on your morning caffè latte, or should you save [...]

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HELP! I Have Achieved Financial Independence…What Should I Do Now With My Life?

After years of working hard, tracking your expenses, saving and investing money, you have finally met your financial goals: You have socked enough money away so that you can live off of your investments. You create enough passive income from [...]

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4 Things You Need To Do To Prepare Your Portfolio For A U.S. Recession In 2019

The stock market has been in for a wild ride in the last couple of months. In 2018, the S&P 500, a major U.S. stock market index, lost 6 percent, which makes last year the worst year for stock investors [...]

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10 Side Hustles For 2019: 10 Income Ideas You May Want To Explore

It’s a great time to start a side hustle: The internet has never in its existence offered you more opportunities to make money online from the comfort of your home. You can easily start an online business, market your skills [...]

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