Are you stuck in your daily 9-to-5 grind?

Would you like to escape the rat race, and regain control over your life?

Yep, I know exactly how it feels because I have been in the exact same situation as you 10 years ago when I graduated from university and started to work for a big consulting company. I worked and worked and worked, and the more I worked the more I was lost and the more I was feeling hopeless. The truth, however, was even more profound: I hated my job and I hated my life. Something had to change.

Looking back, I am happy I lost my job during the financial crisis because if I didn’t lose my job, I’d probably still be working and suffering silently in a job I couldn’t care less about. Since I, fortunately, dropped out of the rat race 10 years ago and never felt compelled to get back in, I feel uniquely qualified to tell you what the upside of choosing yourself is.

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Dropping out of the rat race isn’t that hard at all, it is likely the uncertainty and radicalism of such a move that causes you second thoughts. However, choosing myself is the best decision I have ever made. The upside is enormous.

Here at 5 reasons why you should choose yourself.

The Ultimate Form Of Choosing Yourself: Start Your Own Business

I never understood how working for somebody else is the height of ambition.

The truth is, most people “choose to” work for somebody else because they like the (perceived) security that a job provides, they like a regular paycheck and a routine. If you are comfortable with uncertainty, however, I would recommend you to look into starting your own business.

You don’t have to give up your main gig right away, though: You can start a side hustle today and see how that works out. Being able to run your business remotely should be the end goal for you.

Go Wherever You Want To Go

If you have your own business, preferably online, you can travel wherever you want whenever you want. You don’t have to ask anyone for permission. You can’t put a price on this kind of freedom. Real freedom is being in charge of your life and in control of your time, not necessarily having a big bank account.

No Bosses And No Politics

I don’t know about you, but I hated having bosses. I didn’t necessarily hated my bosses, I hated having bosses. Bosses are always right (even though they are often not!), but you have to go along with their bullshit, swallow your pride and shut your mouth just to keep your job. If you are like me and can’t stop running your mouth, not having a boss and not being forced to play along with office politics is a major perk of being self-employed and/or running your own online business.

It’ll Help You Grow

Not a single day in my life did I regret dropping out of the rat race. Not. A. Single. One. When you drop out of the rat race you may face a lot of criticism from people around you, but believe me they are just trying to make you as miserable as they are. Choosing yourself is liberating and it stimulates your creative energy. You will grow both personally as well as professionally.

Tap Your Talents

People are way too often stuck in mindless 9-to-5 jobs that kill their creativity and spirituality. Nothing will make your more creative than not having to conform to somebody else’s time table. Work in a self-designed space of tranquility that gets your creative energy flowing. Like to work on the beach? In nature? In a cafe? When you choose yourself and start your own business, you are in charge of making those decisions.


While leaving the rat race 10 years ago was a bit scary at first, the benefits widely exceed the (perceived) downsides. I can choose where I work, when I work and how I work. There are no bosses anymore in my life that are bitching at me when I arrive in the office late in the morning because I was standing in traffic. No office politics. No bullshit. Just freedom and the deeply satisfying opportunity to shape my own destiny and build my business. I am in total control of my life and that is what makes dropping out of the rat race so awesome.