I am super passionate about helping people to save more money. This is because saving money has changed my life dramatically, and saving money is waaaaay underrated in our materialistic and spending-obsessed society.

Frankly, I never understood how people can just spend everything they worked so hard for. It seems rather silly to me: most people will abuse themselves all month long running at full speed in the hamster wheel, and then waste all the money they make on stupid stuff. Once they have spend everything, they are back to square one and are forced to continue to run in the hamster wheel again. It is short-sighted, stupid and self-defeating.

If you want to be the boss – the boss of your life – you need to learn to keep your money, and not spend it. Saving money each month is empowering and an absolute boss move.

If you are struggling with saving money, don’t worry … here are 5 things you can do to begin saving money immediately.


  1. Plan Your Meals

People spend way too much money on food and eating out these days, largely because they don’t plan their meals. Food is one of the biggest expense categories (after housing and transportation), and has considerable savings potential. Eat a healthy low-cost breakfast at home before you go to work, and make sandwiches to take to work. Depending on your food budget, you can easily save $100 or more each month by planning your meals.


  1. Use Public Transportation

Let’s face it, public transportation often sucks. But it also can save you a ton of money if it means that you don’t have to buy your own car. Cars are expensive because fuel isn’t the only expense you have. You have to pay for inspections, repairs, maintenance, insurance, tax etc. Using public transportation may be less convenient than having your own ride, but it can save you a couple of hundred dollars each month easily.


  1. Downsize Your House or Apartment

Too many people want to live large before they can actually afford to do so. Don’t push yourself to the edge financially by renting or buying a place you can barely afford. Housing costs are typically the #1 expense in people’s lives. If you spend more than 30-35 percent of your income on housing, you might be living larger than you should. Downsize, if necessary. You can save hundreds of dollars each month by downsizing your crib, money you can use to invest in index funds or income-producing assets such as stocks.


  1. Unnecessary Subscriptions

Do you have subscriptions that you pay for monthly but that you don’t use anymore? Netflix, online magazine subscriptions, gym memberships? If you don’t use them, cancel them, and save lots of money that you would otherwise just throw out of the window.


  1. Cut Back On Entertainment Expenses

Today, everybody seems to spending a fortune on going out … bars, nightclubs, restaurants, lounges etc. Going out and pretending to be a baller is expensive, and you are wasting a lot of money this way. Cut back on excessive entertainment, and be mindful of how you spend your money. Is it really worth spending $10 or $20 for a drink in a popular bar, hoping that you will be seen and noticed by the people around you? I am sure the bar owner thinks it is a good idea, but it likely is not for you. Saving and investing the money is a much better idea, in my opinion.


Saving money is super-easy … all you need to do is become aware of how you are spending your money. Is it worth working an 8-hour day in your job so that you can party away your earnings on a Saturday night? If you want to build your savings quickly and work towards financial independence, all you need to do is be more mindful of where your money goes and be willing to accept just a little bit more inconvenience in your life.