Eye of the Storm Meditation

In this guided mindfulness meditation, you'll learn how to connect to a place of inner calm, even in the midst of chaos, stress, or strong emotions.

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When the storms of life are threatening to sweep you away, this mindfulness meditation can help you access a peaceful place within where you can rest—even if just for a few moments—and reset. This place of inner calm and stillness is like the eye within a storm. Even as turbulent thoughts swirl around you, you can use your breath to stay grounded in the present moment and allow the storm to pass.

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Hello, my name is Chris Saranchock. Welcome to HelpGuide’s eye of the storm meditation.

In this meditation, we’re going to practice finding calm in the midst of chaos, stress, or strong emotions.

Using our breath to center ourselves … to create a quiet space where we can rest and reset when life’s storms are swirling around us…

Let’s start by finding a comfortable position, sitting upright with a straight posture, arms resting to your sides, feet firmly on the ground. Now gently close your eyes.

Turn your attention to your breath…

Breathing in… and out…

On each exhale, see if you can soften your face… Relax your jaw… Drop your shoulders… Let your glutes sink deeper into the chair.

Just keep breathing… In…. and out…

(30 seconds for breathing)

As you breathe, notice where you feel the sensations.

Whether it’s in your nostrils…. Your throat… Your chest… Your belly…

Wherever you feel it most strongly, focus your attention there. Breathing in…. and out…

(30 seconds)

If negativity or fears or worries intrude, gently bring your attention back to the breath—resting your awareness there. Letting it anchor you in the present moment…

Breathing in… and breathing out…

(15 seconds)

Just keep breathing… Focusing on how it feels. Letting it connect you to a place deep within yourself that’s quiet and peaceful.

(15 seconds)

It may help to visualize any upsetting thoughts and feelings as a storm whirling around you.

The winds may be strong… The rain fierce… but in the center is the eye of the storm… A place that’s calm and still… A place of rest within the turbulence that surrounds you.

You can access it at any time, using your breath.

(30 seconds)

As you’re breathing, be aware of whatever thoughts, feelings, or sensations arise…

Not reacting or judging…. Simply observing…

Noticing how the storm is constantly moving and changing around you, yet here in the eye it’s peaceful.

Breathing in… and breathing out…

(15 seconds)

No matter how intense the storm gets, you’re safe here in the eye … Resting within the breath… within the present moment.

(15 seconds)

As you breathe, there may be times when your mind wanders… and begins to get swept away by a strong thought or emotion…

When that happens, don’t worry. Without fighting it, let it return to the storm. Then, bring your attention back to the breath…. Back to the calm, quiet eye within yourself…

Breathing in… and out… moment by moment…

(30 seconds)

There may be times when you get caught up in the storm. But when that happens, you can always come back to the breath, grounding yourself in the present moment and resting in it…

And remember, even the fiercest storms are temporary. This too will pass.

Now take a few more deep breaths. In… and out…

(10 seconds)

And when you’re ready, open your eyes.

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